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Записи с темой: marvel (список заголовков)

Терпение, смирение, ирония.
Который день смотрю на фото нового Кейбла. Не могу отделаться от ощущения, что вижу заматеревшего Гордона Рамзи. Его Адская Кухня стала еще более адской :lol::lol::lol:

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Терпение, смирение, ирония.
Чтобы два раза не постить.
На что мы сходили и нам понравилось:

Что не понравилось, и мне никак не досмотрим:

Что мы ждем

или даже лучше так:

То, ради чего я никак не напьюсь достаточно, чтобы посмотреть:

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Терпение, смирение, ирония.
I had a really good time several days ago! I spent it with my friends. We played table games from evening till morning. A lot of games! I have never done it all night long before.
It was a severe fight between strong opponents! I can’t play poker but my friends have good skills in this game. They are experienced players and know how to do, all of poker combinations, can have deadpan and count the cards. Approximately all the time, I lost. But… It was only a game! I have never thought that I have the biggest fortune in the world or that I can win without any experience. Also I have already won my love! So I am happy!
When I take a shower any strange thoughts come to my mind usually. Today I thought about Natasha Romanoff. In my opinion, she is similar on the women-heroes from books about James Bond. This type of secret agents is impossible now but it could be in USSR in KGB. It was described in “From Russia With Love” in one of the main characters – Tatyana Pomanova.
The view of Natasha outdated now. I think that modern women-heroes aren’t so romantic. They aren’t a “Russian princess”. They couldn’t have so terrible life-story with cruel training and suffering soul. They don’t want to change their lives to romantic spy-handsome. They don’t hide a stolen silver spoon because they want beautiful life and be sick at heart because can’t get it as a birds in a cage.
It’s a sad story from 60-ies.
But maybe I wrong and it’s only my vision how people “read” this character.

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