Терпение, смирение, ирония.
Okay. Let's beginning!

New year, new page of life, new plans. I decided to write one post in two days using words that I had learned. A super reward will wait me in the end of the week. My vocabulary is replenished by the strange ways. Really strange! Today it's a mix of a popular-science performance and a book by Paulo Coelho. No. Nope. I don't like this author but I have his book in English and it's small and easy enough for my language level. Thats all what I need. No ideas how can I use these words and transform them in one connected text. So sorry for weird topics and strange fillings of them!

The day is dawning and business is contunuing.

The most meaningful event in my life was a wedding. Can't believe that it really happend! Sometimes I catch strange delusional feeling. It seems like a dream in reality. It can't be with me! It's impossible! Did our long way finish? Did we win? Then I remember that we should waste money and pay for new visa and everything is clear. I fugure out that's my life and I still retain my mind. I was very intrested there is life after a wedding. There are any differences between married condition and unmarried? What should I feel after marriage vows? But I expected overrepresented much. It's really the same foe all the dimentions. Except legal status. I undervalued a trait of my character to increase meaning any ocations to zenith. But I'm happy and it was a right decition.

The second thing what I want told you is a visit to a dentist. I lost a big fillng for two or three weeks before our wedding. Local health services are very slowly if you aren't old man or disabled or don't died. So we waited and waited and waited and then got an apointment. Dentist's price isn't cheap but it's below than price of a therapist. Everything is okay if you have NHS (medical insurance) particular if you have any benefits and you are a vulnerable part of population. But if you are not - you should pay about 160 pounds for the first visit. It can be only acquaintance. There are three band of dental services descriminate for a price. First visit to a dentist cost about 20 pound and include examination, clean of veneer and interdental spaces and other good things.

Full list:

A dentist that I visited was very gruff. I used to think that I'm an agreeableness person that people like me. Not that time! This man doesn't like my accent, me and try to wound me verbally. His contribution in my self-concept was undervalued by me because not only English sence of humor is difficult for understanding but their polite rudeness too. I think he was one of those who doesn't like immigrants. He has trouble with Polish or tied from nonprofit clients or he got burnout on his job. Or he is a selfish, rough asshole who think that all immigrants is a weed and should be kicking down from England! I was frustrated and we asked to change a dentist. I hope that sentence "what goes around will come around" will be right for him! An interaction with myfirst dentist here was failed.

So there is a hierarchy in England too. If you are an insider in this terrain you are better than others by default. Your an ancestry is important here. It can pursing you whole life. Sometimes I think that moral standarts are outer for all cultures and can be fragile for destroy. Moving you should be confident that can withstand this that no one couldn't weeding you out. I only try to understand how people set social bounderies here.

I am still making handcraft. Boxes with stuff are contening so many bbut I need more. My work's revenue is still zero but I step up my secret talants and increase frequency of manufacturing. Than more you do than bigger will be skills. Thanks my partner for generosity, belief in me. It really contribute my confidence and learning. If this burden is too difficul what about help-seeking?

Now I'm learning English because still feel non-confident myself when I have conversations with Englishmen or think about job or learning here. I realize that it can not be truth. People say that my English is good enough but for what? I'm uneasy may be because I'm perfectionist and thing that I don't study hard enough. Sometimes I seem myself a faker. People see bright, believe when I only preen. When I am thinking something like this I say stop, be calm, don't worry, yes, everything is't smooth but you can! And try to retain this mood as long as you can!

Now it is nightfall and I finish the story. At the end I should avow that I don't know how use some words. So.... I don't know can I use 'shear' in hairdresser or not? Is it word only for sheeps or it's good for people too? Unshaven legs are very prickly. I have never seen moorish eyes. Who use this collocation? Seriously! The most part of my peers are too normal. They became тётки и дядьки but I'm still too young for all this shugar! I am often kissing up to my partner but have never kissed ass. I don't like quid pro quo but sometimes use it just because I'm a hypocrite. Once my brother and sister watched a slaughter. The brother couldn't eat eggs after this several years. England is a cold country because main part of population doesn't like waste money for warth in home. Spent them for drinks is better of course. There are a lot of performers in the center of Liverpooll. It's students of Art College that train their skills and try earn some money. Good idea! Our nourishment is too good because my old pants is too small now. I want to see pastires with sheeps and ponies and dusk falling on green fields! I sent letters for my friend and all receivers got them (I hope).

This text is too big! I hated it when I was writen it! Never! Never more! It's definitive decition. One word - one sentences.

Можно не читать всю эту длинную телегу. Всех люблю, у меня все хорошо. Тут полно ошибок, но сил нету, чтобы править)

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