Терпение, смирение, ирония.
I want to reach out to a dachshund but really afraid that it can bite me. So I should conceal my desperate. I painted a face of dog in my doormat as a sigh of love to this animal. I devote my life to this animal.
Additional consonant sometimes hinders to spell the word.
I deceived my friends and denied that it was I who broken a vase from opaque glass with glaze.
A dandelion is growing between bricks. It’s a damp and dismal place. The flower is growing brazen higher and higher. All around here dilapidate but new life will be strong and brave.
Cat’s breeding is very profitable because a lot of people like cats and want to have them. You can receive a lot of money selling puppies to people.
Our neighbour is ubiquitous. The atmosphere between us is very dismal. May be she think that we are delinquents. I understand that to bicker with her is impossible. Our houses are semidetached. She figure out that one of them should be demolish.
Air in my house is so damp that we bought a humidifier.
When I write a story I usually try to find the best definition that I can. A clue how to write a good story lays in right choosing words.
I hate to use a public transport in the morning because all the buses are very crowded. People often bicker who could seat and who should stay stand.
The old guy looking drowsy and doomed went to the doctor. He felt apathy and didn’t wait approval. Afterwards, the old man told his life story. When his sons came into the fortune they kicked him away. He should keep on the lookout and didn’t be so lavish.
Don’t try to concoct an excuse! Don’t try denying your fails! If you made up mind to do something - do it!
I feel affection to my old child things. I am sentimental. Admittedly, that they still look good. I think that underuse of the old things is a problem of the modern world.
Extending influence of media channels is one thing that can be reason mind’s changing.
I want to extinguish fire because I worry that a pot can to explode. Water in it is ebullient.
John was worried that his ark can be drowned.
His flat is a burrow! The single furniture in it is a bandy-legged chair in the centre of the main room. He tried to get an allowance to improve this situation.
Its corrugated surface was colored in dark blue. A twist of this roof looks like the same in Chinese.
Acetate silk is very popular as material for clothes because it is cheaper than natural silk. It is affordable material.
I have rarely used a hairspray for styling although my hair is flat. My hair is dry at the end and oily close to roots. Sometimes I want to shave them because I have split ends. I’d like to haircut. This woman has beautiful streaked hair. I really like her trim. My girlfriend prefers to bleach her hair ends. I think she should do some highlights. Helena wants to have straightened hair.
Mary made up mind to set off immediately. She cut her braids as a sigh her resolve. Mary become stricter than I used to.
A tousled sparrow sat down on the thick branch. He looked very opulent and significant.

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