Терпение, смирение, ирония.
It's too difficult to be always strong and positive if you are only a human. I see clearly and distinctly an aim but I have too many fears that stop me. The obstacles. I hate this word. I'm tied to blame myself in the weekness. I hinder myself and don't know how to stop it.

For memory:
Difference between "aim", "goal", "purpose", "target", "objective" and "ambition".

purpose: what you want to achieve when you do something; the reason you do or plan something, and the thing you want to achieve when you do it: The games have an educational purpose.

aim: something you hope to achieve by doing something: The main aim of the plan was to provide employment for local people.

goal: something important that you hope to achieve in the future, even though it may take a long time: The country can still achieve its goal of reducing poverty by a third.

target: the exact result that a person or organization intends to achieve by doing something, often the amount of money they want to get; a particular amount or total that you want to achieve: The company is on track to meet its target of increasing profits by 10%.

objective: the specific thing that you are trying to achieve - used especially about things that have been officially discussed and agreed upon in business, politics, etc. and agreed upon in business, politics, etc.: Their main objective is to halt the flow of drugs. | We met to set the business objectives for the coming year.

ambition: something that you very much want to achieve in your future career: Her ambition was to go to law school and become an attorney. | Earlier this year, he achieved his ambition of competing in the Olympic Games.

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