Терпение, смирение, ирония.
Difference between:


To impel is to get in the way of.

To hinder is to make difficult to accomplish; to frustrate, act as obstacle. If you're "hindered by circumstances", the circumstances stand in your way like a high wall.
To obstruct means to make a baricade one of meanings.

To hamper is to hinder or impede the movement or progress of. If you're "hampered by circumstances", the circumstances obstruct your progress by entangling you, like chains round your feet. remember that one can be hindered by someone getting in the way (obstructing) or by slowing movement (impeding). Hamper just implies being tied down.

To prevent is to stop; to keep (from happening).
To block is to fill (something) so that it is not possible to pass. To prevent (something from happening or someone from doing something). To disable communication via telephone, instant messaging, etc., with an undesirable someone.

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